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The Pet Project.

Premium Australian Dog Treats.

One Ingredient. All Australian.

100% Australian: No imported ingredients, made right here in Australia. From Queensland to Victoria and South Australia, your pups treats are supporting local farmers and manufacturers and creating local jobs.

Hypoallergenic: Our range of single ingredient treats are great for pups with sensitive stomachs.

Single Protein: You'll have confidence that our treats contain only the ingredient on the label and nothing else - no additives, no fillers and no other nasties.

Dental Health: Our single ingredient treats promote dental health through chewing.

Highest Quality: Made with human grade ingredients, all of our treats are of premium quality so they'll know they're getting only the best possible treats.

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What Are The Benefits Of Single Protein?


While some of our furry friends will eat anything and everything given the chance, some dogs can develop allergies and get upset stomachs from treats that contain too many ingredients.

Our dogs' ancestors consumed just one protein source each meal, so our Natural Treats range aims to mimic the natural feeding experience by offering a single source of protein,

A limited-ingredient but balanced diet can assist dogs with food sensitivities and other indications.

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