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ZIWI in the Clinic

Using ZIWI in the Consult Room

ZIWI air-dried and canned recipes come in very handy in the consultation room for both dogs and cats.


The Fear FreeTM approach to animal handling has taught us that tasty food can be used to help create a positive experience for dogs and cats visiting the vet clinic, in conjunction with gentle control techniques. 


ZIWI recipes are highly palatable, and can offer an alternative to liver treats, which are typically offered as treats in consultation.  Dried beef liver is very rich, and can cause GI upsets in some animals, or is not tolerated by those with particular food allergies. 


ZIWI has a variety of limited ingredient protein options available, and in sample packs, making it simple to offer during consultation.

Here are some ideas for using ZIWI in the consultation room:


  • Dogs and cats enjoy air dried ZIWI, either fed or scattered on the floor, as treats for positive reinforcement, distraction and to create a positive clinic experience.

  • Dogs often enjoy strong smelling recipes such as Tripe or Venison.   Fish recipes are also attention grabbing for cats and dogs alike.

  • Wet canned recipes are ideal for spreading on a lickimat for dogs and cats, offering a re-direction of attention during vaccinations, or more generally when you require an animal to be distracted or (relatively!) still.   HOT TIP - small 85g cat tins are a convenient option for use in the consultation room.

ZIWI and Fear FreeTM vet clinic visits 


The Fear FreeTM approach in clinics is based upon looking after the emotional wellbeing as well as the physical health of animals, by providing what animals perceive to be a calm and safe environment.  The use of high reward food is an integrative tool in achieving a lower stress environment, paired with gentle control techniques that are part of the Fear FreeTM training.  Fear Free is the trademarked name of an initiative, often described as a movement, founded by high-profile American vet, Dr Marty Becker. The philosophy has been adopted by many clinics around Australia, and other countries around the world.

One of the central tenets of this movement is to de-stress the experience of visiting the vet clinic for dogs and cats.  One of the techniques encouraged in this approach is to invite owners to to bring in their pets for ‘happy visits’, just to say hi and get treats.  ZIWI makes the perfect reward option for these happy vet visits.   Equally, during consultations, ZIWI can be used to distract and reward dogs and cats, which can help to make the vet visit less fear-inducing.  Typical treats that are offered like dried liver can cause tummy upsets in some young puppies, and there are often dogs that have a food allergy to beef.  ZIWI have a variety limited protein options available and in sample packs makes it easier to offer to these patients.

For clinics that are interested in adopting a fear free environment, the article written by Dr Janice Lloyd, an award-winning researcher, teacher and associate professor in Veterinary Science at James Cook University (JCU) is great place to start.  Click here to access this free article.  The article contains a wealth of information and practical tips for veterinary staff, pointers to other helpful free resources available online, and a comprehensive list of references.

Puppy school training

We support anything that gives puppies the best start in life. It’s so important to set them up for a long, safe and healthy life.  Puppy School is one vital factor.  Another vital factor is nutrition.  ZIWI can help with both!

At Number 1 (Australia) we are proud to support your puppy schools or your new puppy and kitten clients with sample packs of ZIWI Peak air-dried along with education material for owners. ZIWI can be utilised 3 ways

(1) as a complete and balanced meal,

(2) as a meal topper 

(3) as training treats in the training process, that will not only make training fun, but contribute to the health of the pet.


ZIWI Peak can be a valuable addition to your practice, guiding your puppy and kitten guardians to help them on their journey to providing a happy, healthy and fulfilled life for their pets and at the same time building a strong and trusting relationship with their animal health practitioners.

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