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Our goal is to
provide support to veterinarians in clinical practice.

Our dedicated and qualified vet team are here to assist you with relevant information, resources and support services, with a focus on natural nutrition and natural health products, to support your endeavours in promoting the health and well-being

of animal patients. ​

Who are we?

Number 1 is not your average veterinary distributor.  We live by our motto “Healthy Pets, Healthy People, Healthy Planet” and focus on representing only innovative, high-end natural products, which focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. 

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Learning Resources

Finding information or scientific research to support a natural diet for dogs and cats, or a natural approach to health and wellbeing, can often be difficult to source quickly in the high pressure, fast paced vet clinic environment.   

The aim of this page is to provide vets with a collection of relevant articles on topics relating to natural nutrition, and caring for dogs and cats with a focus on health and wellbeing. The page also provides research summaries about natural diets, and other general information relevant to vets and vet nurses working in clinical practice.  

We have a number of services available to help support your clinic.


Whether it is ZIWI samples to support your puppy school classes, lunch and learn sessions for your staff, marketing material or more - we want you and your team to feel supported.

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