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Vet Resources

Our goal at Number 1 is to provide support to veterinarians in clinical practice. Our dedicated and

qualified vet team are here to assist you with relevant information, resources and support services,

with a focus on natural nutrition and natural health products, to support your endeavours in

promoting the health and well-being of animal patients. ​

Together we can achieve the goal of Healthy Pets, Healthy People, Healthy Planet. 


Number 1 is not your average veterinary distributor.  We live by our motto “Healthy Pets, Healthy People, Healthy Planet” and focus on representing only innovative, high-end natural products, which focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. 


In support of our ethos, we are proud supporters and sponsors of Vets for Climate Action


Vets for Climate Action has recently launched their Climate Care Program.  Developed by Vets, Vet Nurses, Educators and Researchers, it's an online, 6-module program that offers step-by-step support to:

- reduce energy & water use

- reduce waste

- offer solutions to reduce chemical use

- create a culture of sustainability

- increase profitability

- reduce overall emissions, creating a better world for the animals we love and need.


If you've been wondering how to improve the sustainability of your vet practice, attract more staff with aligned values, and reduce the operating costs of your business ... this Program might be of interest.


The Climate Care Program is self-paced, making it easy to implement, even in a busy veterinary practice.  


To find out more, or sign up to the Program – click here

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