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Number 1 (Australia)

Vet Resources

Our goal here at Number 1 is to provide support to veterinarians in clinical practice. Our dedicated and qualified vet team are here to assist you with relevant information, resources and support services, with

a focus on natural nutrition and natural health products, to support your endeavours in promoting

the health and well-being of animal patients. ​

Together we can achieve the goal of Healthy Pets, Healthy People, Healthy Planet. 



Vet Services

Number 1 offers a number of services to support vets and vet nurses in the clinical environment.  Follow the link to register for services such as:

  • Puppy preschool packs

  • Vet packs

  • Lunch-n-learn sessions

  • Vet information sessions

  • Ziwi sample packs for your clinic ​


Our Brands

Number 1 distributes pet food, treats & products from Australian & New Zealand brands:

  • Ziwi

  • HempPet

  • Bell & Bone

  • WAG

  • Feed for Thought

  • ONE with Everything

  • Healthy Everyday Pets

  • Beasty

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Woman checking her orders before delivery

How to Order

We know you're busy, and that's why we make things simple with our easy online ordering platform.


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