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Wireless Computer Accessories

ZIWI Peak:

Read more about feeding cats, as obligate carnivores.

The benefits of high fat in ZIWI for cats and dogs.

Tips and ideas of how ZIWI Peak can be used in the clinic environment.

Why. ZIWI is a great food choice for ferrets, as obligate carnivores.

Use of limited protein diets for elimination diets, allergies etc.

Meeting the nutritional needs of the breeding and lactating bitch.

Read more about Venison as a novel protein.

Nutrition for the older dog and cat.

How to perform a novel protein elimination diet trail with ZIWI Venison.


Will ZIWI cause urinary issues in cats?

Processing safety protocols.

The sustainable and ethical choices ZIWI make.

Introducing ZIWI Steam & Dried!

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