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Leading the world in pet food technology and nutrition.

ZIWI Peak's mission is to deliver peak nutrition without compromise.

They do this by crafting ZIWI Peak foods in their own New Zealand kitchens using only the best ingredients nature has to offer, and the best preparation methods available (or where they can’t find one, they create one!). This is where the best of nature meets the best of innovation.

Cats and dogs thrive on a whole prey, carnivorous diet, consuming whole animals to get their nutritional needs. That’s why ZIWI Peak's PeakPrey® recipes are crafted to be biologically appropriate. They contain unmatched, authentic inclusions and variety of highly digestible meat, organs, fish, green mussels, and bone.


ZIWIPeak's farmers and fisheries work with animals from pure New Zealand land and sea, like free-range, grass-fed, ethically raised beef and lamb, local poultry, and wild-caught sustainable seafood. By buying ZIWI, you’re supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Let's explore the ingredients


  • Raw muscle meat, organs (heart, lung, kidney, liver, green tripe, spleen, gizzard) cartilage & bone from free range, grass fed animals and seafood

  • a minimum of 10% superfood ingredients:

    • 3% New Zealand green-lipped mussel

    • 7% cold washed unbleached green tripe in most Ziwi Peak recipes. More than 40% tripe is used in the Lamb and Tripe recipe

    • Organic kelp


  • No rendered meat or meat meals/fish meals

  • No antibiotics or growth promotants

  • No added carbohydrates or sugars – no grains, potatoes, rice, cereals, or glycerines

  • No added fillers

  • No artificial gelling agents in canned products

  • No BPA or carrageenan in cans

  • No BHA, BHT, TSP or any preservatives

  • No GMO ingredients

All recipes comply with the AAFCO nutritional requirements for a complete and balanced daily diet for all breeds and life stages including puppies and kittens

All meat and seafood is processed through strict Export Grade Facilities which meet and exceed all international quality standards (AAFCO, USFDA, EU, Japan, Australia, etc).

The ZIWI Range

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 11.57.48 pm.png

How to feed

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Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 11.49.37 pm.png

ZIWI... The "Safe" Alternative to Raw?

Some veterinarians hesitate to recommend a raw food diet for dogs and cats due to concerns about contamination of food with pathogenic bacteria.​

ZIWI’s unique dual-stage Z-TWINTECH® air drying technology uses a twin stage air-drying process which eliminates pathogenic bacteria, such as E. coli, salmonella and listeria.  The natural nutrition of the ingredients is protected in the air drying process by using a slow and gentle low temperature over many hours, to a point where there isn’t enough moisture to allow harmful microorganisms to grow on the product. It is then processed at a high enough temperature to eliminate any parasites, if any are present. 

ZIWI have very strict QA controls in place around their drying process to ensure the safety and quality of their pet food. ZIWI does routine testing for total bacterial count, yeasts and moulds to meet stringent international food safety regulations. Random, representative sampling is conducted on a weekly basis and sent to an accredited, independent laboratory to conduct the tests. ​ZIWI offers a way for owners to give their animals a natural, unprocessed diet without the need to handle and process raw meat, bones and organs, which introduces the risk of contamination by improper or inadequate hygiene practices. 


ZIWI recipes are shelf stable, and require minimal handling, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

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For those wanting more...



ZIWI air-dried and canned recipes come in very handy in the consultation room for both dogs and cats.  Using a high reward, highly palatable, tasty treat in the vet clinic can help create a positive experience for dogs and cats visiting the vet clinic.


& DCM?

In 2018, the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) alerted pet owners and veterinarians about reports of Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs eating pet foods containing peas, lentils, other legumes or potatoes as the top 5 ingredients.  The FDA launched an investigation, which concluded in 2019.  Various reports were published.  For a summary of the FDA's findings and discussion of the issue, click below to read more.

You may want to take a look at our Learning Resources page.

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