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Leading the world in air-dried pet food technology and nutrition.

ZIWI Peak's mission is to deliver peak nutrition without compromise.

They do this by crafting ZIWI Peak foods in their own New Zealand kitchens using only the best ingredients nature has to offer, and the best preparation methods available (or where they can’t find one, they create one!). This is where the best of nature meets the best of innovation.

ZIWI Peak's PeakPrey® recipes are crafted to be biologically appropriate for dogs and cats. They contain authentic inclusions of unmatched quality, using a variety of highly digestible meat, organs, fish, and green lipped mussels.

ZIWI Peak work closely with local New Zealand farmers and fisheries, who are committed to producing free-range, grass-fed, ethically raised livestock, and wild-caught sustainable seafood. By buying ZIWI, you’re supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Sustainably farmed in New Zealand

The farms, farmers, and fisheries ZIWI work with are committed to raising and caring for their animals in a sustainable, ethical way. They follow the principle of kaitiakitanga – a New Zealand Māori concept of guardianship of the land and sea. It’s about protecting the animals, the environment, and providing for future generations.

New Zealand’s temperate climate also means that our animals are raised on beautiful pastures of clover and native grasses, 365 days a year.

  • Free-range, grass-fed, grass-finished livestock

  • Wild-caught, sustainable seafood

  • Cage-free, free range local poultry

ZIWI protocols for minimising cross-contamination  

Minimising cross-contamination from protein to protein is a high priority at ZIWI. This is because many of our recipes are “limited ingredient diets” with one main protein (e.g. chicken only), and many people buy our products on this basis for animals with sensitive stomachs or dietary restrictions.  


To ensure there is no cross-contamination from protein to protein, in addition to adhering to standard Good Manufacturing Practice and government mandated and audited systems, all ZIWI kitchens follow a strict protocol including a complete washdown and cleaning of all processing equipment in between each protein/recipe change. Because we understand the importance of this protocol, we take great care to ensure any chance of cross contamination is eliminated as much as we physically can through this cleaning policy. During protein changes (e.g. a move from chicken to lamb) the whole plant is stopped and completely wet cleaned using validated protocols. This process is regularly audited by our QA team.  
In addition to our complete washdown and cleaning of processing equipment, we have also incorporated a specific order for producing each individual protein.   

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All recipes comply with the AAFCO nutritional requirements for a complete and balanced daily diet for all life stages - including puppies and kittens

from 6 weeks of age.

All meat and seafood is processed through strict Export Grade Facilities which meet and exceed all international quality standards (AAFCO, USFDA, EU, Japan, Australia, etc).

The ZIWI Range

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And introducing...

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New to the ZIWI range

How to feed

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ZIWI... The "Safe" Alternative to Raw?

Some veterinary professionals hesitate to recommend a raw food diet for dogs and cats due to concerns about contamination of food with pathogens.​

ZIWI’s unique Z-TWINTECH® air drying technology uses a twin stage air-drying process which eliminates pathogens, such as E. coli, salmonella, and listeria.  The nutritional quality of the ingredients is protected in the air-drying process by using a slow and gentle, low temperature lasting many hours, reaching a stage where there isn’t enough moisture to allow harmful microorganisms to grow on the product. The second air-drying process then reaches a defined temperature required to eliminate any other potential pathogens.


ZIWI have very strict QA controls in place around their air-drying process to ensure the safety and quality of their pet food. ZIWI does routine testing for total bacterial count, yeasts, and moulds to meet stringent international food safety regulations. Random, representative sampling is conducted on a weekly basis and sent to an accredited, independent laboratory to conduct the tests. ​


ZIWI offers a safe option for owners wanting to feed their pets a natural diet, without the need to handle and process raw meat, bones, and organs, which introduces the risk of contamination by improper or inadequate hygiene practices.


ZIWI Peak is the convenient alternative to raw solution. Shelf stable, hassle free - just scoop and serve!


For those wanting more...

You may want to take a look at our Learning Resources page.

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