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NORM started with a simple idea: offer an alternative to the wild claims of the pet food industry by creating something truly wild.

NORM is a range of human grade, freeze-dried meal toppers and freakshakes for dogs and cats, using carefully selected ingredients that are not only deeply nutritious, but also just a little bit different.

Not everyone has access to some of the weirder, wilder ingredients that pets would have enjoyed once upon a time, but that does not mean they should miss out.

NORM has carved a collection of fun, hard to find proteins, weird organs, and nutritious superfoods for a pet's dining pleasure and entertainment.

All NORM products are made in Australia. The company uses a network of suppliers and has fully vetted them all for accreditation and compliance with food safety regulations. NORM sources all of their meat and dairy from human grade suppliers in Australia; none of this is ever imported or pet grade. 

NORM is a genuinely premium product, with absolutely no fillers nor any corners cut to save costs. A little bit of NORM goes a long way.




NORM Freakshakes are Australian-made milkshake powders that just need to be mixed with water or even yoghurt or ice cream.

NORM Freakshake products are undeniably fun, weird, and unique but, importantly, they are also genuinely good for pets. Formulated with a pet nutritionist, NORM has created an easy and delicious way for owners to keep their pets hydrated while adding extra nutrients, antioxidants, and gut health benefits to their diet.


Pet hydration

While the average total body water percentage for adult humans is typically around 60% to 70%, the value for adult dogs typically falls within the range of 60% to 80%. This range can vary based on factors such as breed, size, age, and overall health.

Most pets do not get enough water, especially during extreme temperatures. Symptoms of dehydration include lethargy, weak pulse, and panting. 


Most dogs should drink 50-60ml per kg of their body weight per day, so a 10kg dog would need 500-600ml of water per day. 

An average cat (4kg) needs up to one cup of water (240ml) per day, which is generally sourced from the food they eat. 

Made by mixing the product with water, NORM freakshakes are an ideal way to encourage pets to drink water. The products support hydration, which is essential for pet health. 

Meal toppers


NORM Meal Toppers are freeze-dried, single ingredient powders, perfect for adding to kibble, raw meals, Lickimats, Kongs, freakshakes, or homemade dog treats.

NORM freeze dries their products because it is a method of preservation that does not use any heat, so the nutrients in food remain closest to their raw state. This makes it the superior choice, nutritionally. 

Freeze dried food is the equivalent of four times as much fresh because all of the water is removed. A little NORM goes a long way. 

How to feed

NORM meal toppers should be fed as a nutritional booster support to a balanced diet and can be sprinkled over a pet's food straight out of the bag, or they can be rehydrated in a bit of warm water.


If a pet eats kibble, NORM recommends adding some water so the topper and kibble mix together into a yummy stew.

NORM meal toppers can also be used in a treat dispenser such as a Lickimat.


Is it suitable for cats? 


All NORM products can be used for dog and cats, it is just the amount of product that changes. 

For cats new to the range, it is best to start them with the single ingredient meal toppers first, as they are more species-appropriate for obligate carnivores. The main ingredient in NORM is always meat, so cats will also benefit from the supplementary super food ingredients in NORM freakshakes. 

For freakshakes, the products with goat milk are preferable to those with coconut milk. The freakshakes containing goat milk are Spirulina and Chicken Heart, Fear and Loathing, and Nine Lives.  While new freakshake product Nine Lives is marketed towards cats (and contains irresistible ingredient of catnip), it is still suitable for dogs.

The products are suitable for pets of all ages, including puppies / kittens. 

NORM is completely safe for puppies and kittens through to and senior dogs and cats as it is mainly meat based, which is an ideal food for both young and old pets (plus all those in between). Some varieties also contain superfoods that are highly nutritious and beneficial to puppies and seniors especially. 


As with all foods, owners should introduce NORM slowly and follow the directions on the bag for their pet’s weight range. 


No additives

The only thing that will ever go into a bag of NORM is what is listed in the ingredients. There will never be any preservatives, chemical additives, fillers, emulsifiers, humectants, starches, gums, binders, salt, sugar or synthetic nutrients and flavours in NORM. It is just not what they are about.


NORM is made from 100% whole foods that have been freeze dried or, in the case of some vegetables, fruits, and superfoods, air dried. This preserves the ingredients so that absolutely no additives are needed.

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