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We're proud to be supporters of VFCA

Number 1 Australia is not

your average distributor... 


We live by our motto "Healthy Pets, Healthy People, Healthy Planet" and focus on representing only innovative, high-end natural products, which focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing.

In support of our ethos, we are proud supporters and sponsors of Vets for Climate Action. 


Vets for Climate Action has recently launched their Climate Care Program.  Developed by Vets, Vet Nurses, Educators and Researchers, it's an online, 6-module program that offers step-by-step support to:

- reduce energy & water use

- reduce waste

- offer solutions to reduce chemical use

- create a culture of sustainability

- increase profitability

- reduce overall emissions, creating a better world for the animals we love and need.


If you've been wondering how to improve the sustainability of your vet practice, attract more staff with aligned values, and reduce the operating costs of your business, this Program might be of interest.


The Climate Care Program is self-paced, making it easy to implement, even in a busy veterinary practice.  


To find out more, or sign up to the Program – click here

Our Vision:

A world where animals and people thrive in a healthy climate

Our Mission:

We mobilise the veterinary profession and broader animal care community to tackle the climate crisis within and beyond our sector

Our Purpose;

To lead those who love, care for and work with animals to act urgently on climate change

Theory Of Change:

At the centre of science, policy and politics, VfCA inspire, educate, mobilise, collaborate with, and act as a trusted advisor for the veterinary profession and animal care community to take climate action. As such, we grow, diversify, and strengthen the climate movement and embolden politicians to take urgent positive action to mitigate and adapt to clime change.

A voice for all animals. A team of phenomenal people.

We help clinics reduce their emissions, support our members to educate and engage people within their own circles of influence, and advocate for policies that reduce Australia’s climate pollution at local, state and federal levels.



We mobilise the veterinary profession and animal care community to advocate for and take climate action. Our objectives are for the veterinary profession and animal care community to:

  • reduce our emissions as much as possible

  • exercise our democratic power for climate action

  • inspire the people we engage with to advocate for and take climate action.


Animals hold no responsibility for the causes of climate change, yet they feel the consequences most strongly. Approximately 3 billion animals were killed or displaced by the 2019-20 bushfires, hundreds of thousands more killed by floods, and domestic pets suffer from heat stress each summer. Veterinary professionals and animal carers are on the frontline experiencing the impacts first hand.

Vets also carry deep responsibility for Australia's biosecurity and food production, with livestock contributing $20.4b to our economy. One Health, where human and animal health needs intersect, is of increasing importance, with shared diseases (such as Japanese Encephalitis) spreading rapidly, facilitated by climate change. Vets, vet nurses and the animal care community have a responsibility to use their knowledge, skills and influence to protect animals - and the people who care for them - from climate change.

While climate change continues to pose a significant threat to animal health, welfare, production and biodiversity, the good news is we CAN halt catastrophic climate change. That's why we're here ... and that's why we need your support.

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